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Royal Republic is not your average rock band. They don't buy into the clichés or the dos and don'ts of Rock'n'Roll. 
A purist might shake their head and say "Hey now, this isn't right!" but they'd be wrong. Royal Republic is always right! 

It's the weird flavour combination that doesn't make sense until you try it. The outfit that's so ugly it's awesome. 
The kinky thing you never knew you liked until it just sort of happened by accident that one time and you were all like WHOAAAH! 

Established in 2007, the world's greatest Power-Disco quartet Royal Republic first busted onto the scene with their 2009 (or 2010) debut album We Are The Royal, featuring classics like Tommy Gun and Full Steam Spacemachine. 

In 2012, the modestly titled follow-up Save The Nation was released, including smash hits like Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut and Addictive.  
After that the band decided it was time to bring it on down and recorded the 2014 acoustic EP Royal Republic and The Nosebreakers.

In 2016, Royal released their 3rd album, Weekend Man. A tour-de-force featuring all-time greats like When I see You Dance With Another and Baby, which also started to hint at a new direction… This direction was fully embraced on Club Majesty, which boasted singles like Fireman & Dancer and Anna-Leigh, and at the time of its release and still to this day, Club Majesty remains the world's greatest Power-Disco album.

After this, the world stopped, but Royal did not. In this intermission, Royal Republic kept releasing anthems such as RATA-TATA and Back From the Dead, proving that even in the face of great adversity, Royal can churn out un-deadly classics. 

It's been a long hard wait, but at long last Royal Republic is BACK to melt your hearts and set fire to your speakers. In the long wake of previous masterpieces, Royal Republic proudly present their 5th studio album "LoveCop"! 

Produced by Adam Grahn and Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios, LoveCop features Royal's irresistible blend of sass, riffs and puns in combinations previously not thought possible.
LoveCop is another giant leap in the right direction, where Royal Republic continues to play to its strengths, which also happens to be your weaknesses. 

It's loaded with Per Andreasson's intelligently dumb drum beats and Jonas Almén's groovy sweat-dripping bass lines. It's a continuation of the love-affair between Hannes Irengård's dirty telecaster and Adam Grahn's silky voice. 

It's whipped cream and caviar. Jean-Claude Van Damme getting pinned by Céline Dion. A sweaty one-night stand between Metallica and Michael Bolton.

LoveCop is here to free you from your shackles and read you your rights: 

You have the right to remain LOUD!
Put your fucking hands up,
and dance!


* = Required